Push Button Trim PCB98402


Lower Handle options

PVD Satin Nickel FinishPBH26302
PVD Satin Nickel FinishPBH24202
PVD Satin Nickel FinishPHZ64202-1
PVD Satin Nickel FinishPHZ44302
PVD Satin Nickel FinishPBH26202



PVD Satin Nickel FinishPBQ26002
PVD Satin Nickel FinishPBQ32202
PVD Satin Nickel FinishPBQ34602
PVD Satin Nickel FinishPHZ52502





Three Button Shower Valve Trim in PVD Satin Nickel Finish.
The round face plate with three push button valve trim offered in a beautiful appearance to any shower. Pick out the lower handle to match your favorite design to complete your shower trim.


• Lower handle (not included) to control the water temperature. Buttons for on-off control.
• Face plate and buttons are included with this trim.
• All buttons can be pressed on simultaneously but due to the valves flow restrictions it is not recommended to use them all at the same time.
• Buttons in matching PVD Satin Nickel finish.
• Rough-in shower valve is NOT included with this trim.
• Lower handle is NOT included with this trim.
• Highly durable PVD Satin Nickel finish.

• Valve sold separately - (P3323199).

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