• Can my Huntington Brass Shower valve be installed in a back to back (B2B) application?
      All Huntington Brass ceramic disc pressure balanced rough-in shower valves are able to be used in a back to back application. 

      To configure the valve to work properly on the reversed side you will have to remove the cartridge and rotate it 180 degrees and reinstall them into the valve body. For further details and assistance please contact HB technical support at 1-800-888-6604.  
    •  What tools will I need to install my Huntington Brass faucet?
      The tools required to install your Huntington Brass product would differ depending on the actual product that you are installing. Different products require different tools for installation. For example a wide spread lavatory faucet will require different tools than a single handle tub and shower faucet. However, basically you will need an adjustable wrench, philips and/or flat head screw driver, allen key set, silicone caulking, and a soft cloth. Some additional tools may be required and some tools may not be needed depending on the specific installation. On you HB product’s installation guide it will tell you exactly which tools are required to begin installation.
    • Who do I call if I need technical assistance with my HB product?
      You can call our main office for technical assistance anytime during normal business hour and our customer service representatives will happily transfer you to our technical assistance personnel. Our normal business hours are Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm Pacific Standard Time. Our toll free number is 1-800-888-6604.

      You can also contact us on our 'Contact Us' page on this website and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
    • How do I properly flush my new faucet when installation is complete? How often should I flush the lines after installation is completed?
      Your plumber should flush the lines before allowing normal use of the faucet. The reason for this is that during installation all kinds of debris can get inside the supply lines and might get caught inside the faucet causing problems such as decrease water flow, inconsistent stream of water, etc. To properly flush the system after a faucet has been installed you will need to remove the aerator and turn on both the hot and cold valves. Allow the water to run for 1-3 minutes, then shut off the water and replace the aerator. Make sure that aerator screens are free from debris when replacing. Since debris can be stuck inside the line for some time after installation it is recommended that for the first 2-3 weeks of use that you check the aerator screens for dislodged debris and flush 1-2 more times if a significant amount of debris is found.


    • I have a single handle single hole mounted kitchen faucet and the faucet keeps coming loose on the deck, what can I do to fix this?
      The faucet keeps coming loose because the installation was done improperly. If the faucet is installed properly then the faucet will not come loose on its own. Underneath the faucet has mounting hardware that consists of a washer, a flange, and a mounting nut. These piece must be installed in this order such that the washer is pressed against the under side of the counter/sink surface. If these are not installed in the sequence and the mounting nut is not tighten down enough then when you continuously swivel the spout back and forth the body of the faucet will begin to loosen. Make sure that these steps are followed carefully for a proper secure installation.
    •  My wide spread lavatory, kitchen or roman tub filler faucet’s handles are turning the wrong direction. What do I do?
       If your faucets handle are moving backwards to turn on the water this means that the valves have been installed reversed. Hot side valves should open turning counter clockwise, and cold side valve should open turning clockwise. If this is not accurate with your faucet then the hot and cold valves need to be switched. In the event that both side handles are turning on the water by moving in the same direction then that means that you have two of the same side valves and the incorrect side valve’s cartridge needs to be switch out for the proper one. If you have any questions or inquiries regarding this type of issue you can reach HB’s technical support dept. at 1-800-888-6604.
    • Why does water flow from the tub spout and shower head simultaneously in my tub and shower faucet? What is the problem?
      The reason why water is flowing from the shower and tub spout simultaneously is because the water is not flowing out of the tub spout fast enough, which is causing the water to back up inside the pipe and eventually backs up to the shower head and begins to flow from both ends. There are many reasons why this can occur.

      ●  The shower valve has been installed upside down.
      ●  The distance from the valve to the shower head is too close.
      ●  There is an excessive amount of water pressure supplying the valve.
      ●  There is more than one 90 degree elbow in the plumbing for the tub spout.
      ●  The shower valve was plumbed with something other than copper or galvanized pipe that has a smaller than normal inside diameter (PEX 90 degree fittings for instance).
      ●  Something could be obstructing the flow of the water inside the piping. This is the most common reason for this problem to occur. Many items such as debris, solder, small parts, etc. can get inside the plumbing lines during installation and can lodge themselves in small connection areas restricting the flow of water out of the tub spout which cause the water back up in the line. This is usually the result of not properly flushing the lines before completing the installation.

    •  I am getting only cold or hot water from my pressure balanced shower?
      When this problem occurs it is usually the case that the spool in the pressure balancing mechanism (the device inside you shower valve that prevents the water temperature from changing drastically during fluctuations in water pressure) is stuck. This can happen when debris gets lodge inside the pressure balance mechanism and does not allow the spool to move freely. This problem can be fixed by removing the temperature control cartridge and pressure balance spool cartridge and removing any debris that may be lodged inside. On some models the temperature control and pressure balance are in the same cartridge.

      Sometimes if the shower is not used for a long time the pressure balancing spool can become stuck. If this is the case we recommend soaking the unit in a 50/50 water vinegar solution over night to see if this will loosen it up.

      To test the pressure balancing unit for proper functionality once cleaned shake the unit in the direction along the axis of the pressure balancing spool and you will hear a rattling noise. This is the spool sliding back and forth. This means that the unit is functioning properly.

    •  I have a P0123199 or P1023199 tub and shower valve installed and when I turn on the water I get hot water first and cold water as I continue to turn the handle. What is wrong?
      There are three possibilities that could be wrong when this problem occurs:

      • The valve is install upside down causing the standard right side cold supply and the left side hot supply to be reversed in the valve.

      • The plumber reversed the hot and cold supplies installing them on opposite sides.

      • The cartridge inside the valve has been installed in the B2B (back to back) application position.

        No matter what the cause of the problem it usually can be fixed by removing the cartridge from the valve body, rotating it 180 degrees from it original position and re-installing it. This will reverse the mixture of water inside the valve body correcting the initial problem.

    •  My shower isn't getting hot enough, how do I adjust the hot water limit stop on my tub and shower valve?
      Huntington Brass has two main types of pressure balancing tub and shower valves; one in the Professional line and two in the Platinum collection. All of them have a slightly different method of limiting hot water flowing from the valve.

      • P0123199 or P1023199 (Professional Ceramic shower rough)
        a.   The cartridge for this valve has a plastic red ring over the stem and can be adjusted by removing it rotating in a counter clockwise direction for more hot water and a clockwise direction for less hot water and re-installing it onto the cartridge stem. - (view instructions here)

      • P2723199 / P0223199 (Platinum Ceramic rough)
        a.  This Dual action volume control cartridge also has a plastic ring on the cartridge stem and can adjust by removing the ring, rotating it clockwise for more hot water and counter clockwise for less hot water. (note: opposite from the P0123199 or P1023199 adjustment)

    • My shower valve is mounted to far into the wall causing the handle to rub against the face plate, can this be fixed?
      Huntington Brass offers extensions for all of our shower valves.

      • For our P0123199 and P1023199 Pressure balanced shower valve rough-in:
        P0153199 - 1" Extension kit

      • For our P0223199 Dual control pressure balanced shower valve rough-in:
        P0453199-1 - 1" Extension kit

      • For our P2723199 Dual control pressure balanced shower valve with diverter rough-in:
        P0453199 - 1" Extension kit
        P0553199 - 1 1/2" Extension kit

      • For our P2023199 or P2023199-1 1/2" Thermostatic shower valve rough-in:
        P0953199 - 1" Extension kit

    •  I have a Platinum Pressure balanced tub and shower set with a cross handle and it seems like the hot and cold is reversed. What is wrong with my shower set?
      There is nothing wrong with you Platinum Collection tub and shower set. The reason why you may feel that the cross handle is functioning backwards from normal is because of the nature of the “Dual Action Control” design. The Platinum Collection “Dual Action Control” cartridge is designed to give the user more control in the shower. The up and down motion on the handle controls the volume of water, and the left to right motion controls the temperature.

      When controlling the temperature with the left to right motion the bottom portion of the handle points in the direction of the desired temperature mixture. For example, hot is on the left, to turn the handle to receive more hot water you will turn the bottom portion of the handle towards the left side, and vise versa for colder water.

      Pay attention to the bottom portion of the cross handle and the direction in which it turns to function properly. It is in our minds that when we see a cross handle and grab it differently than a lever handle that we feel it should function differently, however, the design of the valve has not change only the way in which we are attempting to use it.

        Cleaning & Care

    •  How should I clean and maintain my Huntington Brass fixture?
      Huntington Brass recommends cleaning your faucet with only mild soap and warm water. The use of any abrasive cleaners or chemicals will void the finish warranty of you HB product. Even if your faucet has a PVD finish we still recommend using only mild soap and warm water. Although PVD finishes are scratch resistant on the surface, excessive rubbing and use of abrasives can over time cause undesirable effects. HB also recommends waxing your faucet to protect the finish and ensure long lasting color and durability. Therefore, after cleaning the faucet with mild soap and warm water, dry the faucet and apply a coat of standard car wax (Note: make sure you are not using rubbing compound) and remove with a dry cloth. This will ensure that you HB product looks and functions beautifully for many years to come.
    •  What is a PVD finish and how do I clean it?
      Physical vapor deposition or PVD is a high temperature vacuum process that produces a vapor of metal in a large chamber. After the metal is able to reach a vapor it is then deposited onto the faucet. This process gives a very stong and durable finish. Even with this durable PVD finish, Huntington Brass recommends cleaning your faucet with only soap and warm water. The use of any abrasive cleaners or chemicals will void the finish warranty of your HB product. Although PVD finishes are scratch resistant on the surface, excessive rubbing and use of abrasives can over time cause undesirable effects.
    •  What type of cleaning products can cause damage to my Huntington Brass faucet?
      Any type of industrial cleaner or abrasive material can potentially cause damage to the finish of you HB product. Refrain from using any such chemical or abrasives such as toilet bowl cleaners, concentrated cleaners & disinfectants, scrubbing pads, steel wool, etc., especially anything containing alcohol or acetone. The use of any of these products on you HB faucet and/or fixture will immediately void the finish warranty.
    • Can drain unclogging chemicals or substances cause damage to my faucet?
      Since drain unclogging substances are a highly concentrated mixture of various potent chemicals it would not be advised to allow these chemical to come in contact with the finish of your faucet. Therefore, It is recommended that you cover you faucet with a cloth or plastic if the use of such substances are required.
    • How do I clean my Huntington Brass shower head?
      To clean you HB shower head first check and see what kind of shower head it is. If your shower head has “Easy Clean” rubber tips then you can simply wipe the face of the shower to loosen any deposits in the rubber tips. If your shower head does not have rubber nipple then you can use a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water to clean away any areas with excessive deposits. Try to let the solution come in contact with the finished areas of the shower head as little as possible.

        Replacement Parts

    • What type of warranty do I have on my faucet?
      A warranty certificate is included with every faucet that is purchased. If that is not available please visit the warranty page on this website.
    • How can I find the model number of my faucet or shower?
      We do not mark our faucets or showers with the model numbers. The original box and installation instructions have the model number, but if that is not available then please send us a picture of the faucet or shower on the contact us page and we will identify it for you.  
    •  Where can I get replacment parts for my faucet?
      Replacement parts can be ordered from a local Huntington Brass dealer or they are available on this website. Parts are listed at the bottom of each faucet or on the replacement parts page. If you cannot find the part you need please contact customer service at 1-800-888-6604 or send us a message on the contact us page. 
    • How do I install my replacement part?
      Installation instructions are located in the spcification and installation tab of the replacement part. We do not have repair instructions with the faucet description. If you cannot find the instructions you need, please contact customer service at 1-800-888-6604.  
    • How can I tell which cartridge fits my faucet or shower?
      If you are not able to identify your faucet or shower, or not sure which cartridge will fit it, then please send us a picture of the faucet or shower on the contact us page.  
    • I cannot find my faucet or shower on this website, what can I do?
      We show chrome versions of all catalog items on the website, so if you dont see your faucet in a satin nickel, antique bronze or other finish, try searching for a chrome version. Some specialty faucets, discontinued items, special finishes and older faucets may not be shown on our website. Please contact customer service at 1-800-888-6604 or send us a message on the contact us page for assistance with a faucet that is not featured.
    • My faucet is discontinued, can I still get parts?
      We carry some parts for discontinued items but there are exceptions and limitations. Please contact customer service at 1-800-888-6604 or send us a message on the contact us page for assistance.
    • How do I tell if my faucet is made by Huntington Brass?
      All Huntington Brass fixtures have the HB logo on the back of the faucet or on the face plate of the shower. If you are not able to find the logo then please send us a picture of the item on the contact us page.  

        California Compliance

    •  What is Proposition 65?
      In November 1986, California approved Proposition 65 to address concerns about exposures to toxic chemicals. That initiative became The Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986. For more information visit the  page on this website.
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