Thermostatic Dual Port

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High quality forged brass thermostatic valve with built in dual port outlet transfer valve. The Huntington Brass thermostatic rough-in shower valve will ensure a constant and dependable outlet water temperature for the perfect shower experience. With the Lower handle controlling the water temperature, the upper handle will control the flow to the dual outlet ports.

• Standard 1/2" inlets and outlets.
• Back to back installation.
• Two outlet ports with center being the off control.
• Easy to service rough-in valve with replaceable diverter, thermostatic cartridge and service stops.
• Service stops located on each side of the valve for local water supply shut off.
• Multiple anchor points to secure valve to inside of wall.
• Rough-in mud guard included.
• High quality all brass construction.

Set the temperature you want with the lower handle and use the upper handle to control on and off and the diverter.

Specification Sheet Installation Guide
Specification Sheet Installation Guide
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