Shower rough-in valve

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High quality forged brass rough-in shower valve with built-in diverter valve. The Huntington Brass diverter rough-in shower valve will allow you to switch between the shower and tub spout with a turn of the handle. This opens the design possibilities to use many different designer tub spouts without the diverter knob, or use an accessory like a hand shower instead of the tub spout.  

• Built in diverter - turn handle one way for shower, turn handle other way for tub spout.

• Can also be used for shower only installations.
• High quality forged Brass valve body.
• Standard 1/2" inlets and outlets.
• Service stops located on each side of the valve for local water supply shut off.
• Back to back installation.
• Adjustable hot temperature limit stop.
• Adjustable limit stop for use in a shower only installations.
• Completely rebuildable with replaceable ceramic disc pressure balance cartridge and service stops.
• Multiple anchor points to secure valve to inside of wall.
• Rough-in mud guard included.

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